Music, Ball Skills and Pyjama Drama classes

Music Classes and other Extra-Curricular Classes

Child’s Play offers music workshops for our budding Beethoven’s and Bono’s.  They last for half an hour and are taken by a professional music teacher. Among other things, the children learn about rhythm and sound; learn to play percussion instruments; are introduced to “Jolly Phonics”; learn the basics of reading music and learn to play the recorder.  They are hugely popular and we now run four classes per week.

What the Experts Say…


Music is a means of creative expression.

“All children have musical potential and music education is the education of the whole child. Rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, form and expression are elements which can be acquired easily and happily through listening, moving, singing and participating in a programme which encourages experimentation of sound, using a variety of percussive and melodic instruments.”

Music fosters co-ordination, language development, memory and auditory perception.

“The rhythms of music complement body movements. An active music programme uses melody, rhythm, movement and speech to involve the whole child. This total involvement and integration of these four elements should be a central part of all childhood experience.”

These workshops are an optional extra.  We ask for a voluntary contribution of £3.50 per session to cover the cost of the teacher.

Ball skills

“The cricket coaches from Blackheath Cricket Club – Ronny and Danny – come in every Monday afternoon to run a “Ball-Skills” session – in the summer it is cricket based and in the winter months they use football and rugby to get the children active and develop their balls skills and co-ordination. They also run sessions outside of Child’s Play – their company is called “Matchfit Academy”. They run “mini’s” sessions for pre-school age children, sessions for schools, parties etc. Here is a link to their website:

Child’s Play covers the cost of this session.

Pyjama Drama

On a Wednesday afternoon we have a “Pyjama Drama” session run by Anthony and Ana-Maria. These sessions encourage the children to use their imagination using fun games and activities. Pyjama Drama also run sessions outside of Child’s Play. Here is a link to their website:

Child’s Play covers the cost of this session.

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