Admission and Costs

Children generally start at around 2 and a half but we do take children from 2 years old if they are ready for a pre-school environment. We are finding that year on year we are getting busier so we do advise parents to plan ahead and try to make sure they are on our waiting list by the time we allocate places.

We organise our waiting list in birth order so older children take priority and we try our level best to give parents the days which suit them best.

We require that children who join us in the year they turn three (Academic year) do a minimum of 3 mornings or 2 full days, and children who join in the year they turn four do a minimum of 4 mornings or 2 full days plus a morning, as set out in our Admissions Policy.  We can be flexible if parents want to build hours up over the first term, or for children who start at just turned two years old.

Please use the ‘Register Interest‘ button to register your interest in a place.

For 2018/19 our fees are very straight forward:

  • For Two year olds the hourly rate is £6.50
  • For Three & Four year olds the hourly rate is £6.00 for hours take above the Free Entitlement.

Free Early Education (FEE) – 15 hours

All children become eligible for FEE in the term after they turn three. Child’s Play will apply for this on your behalf when your child becomes eligible. You will have to provide evidence of your child’s date of birth and sign a declaration to say you are not claiming entitlement for more hours than are allowed with another childcare provider. The Free Entitlement is available for up to 38 weeks per year and for up to 15 hours per week.

Free Early Education (FEE) – 30 hours

We are offering the new 30 hours of free childcare for working familes. We offer this flexibly, and all our sessions can be included. To check if you are eligible please use the following:


We also take children claiming Free Entitlement for Two year olds (FEET). If you think your child may be entitled to FEET funding we can try to point you in the right direction to establish entitlement. Alterntalively, you can contact Surrey County Council directly, using the following link to see if you are eligible for FEET funding: